Friday, August 22, 2014

Alice's 2nd Birthday

Our little lady turned 2 at the beginning of August.  With every birthday post I say that it is crazy how fast the time goes, but it truly is.  It seems like just yesterday that Alice was born and being swaddled in soft pink blankets, and now she is a toddler.  

Alice is such a joy in our lives.  She is feisty and sweet at the same time.  She knows what she wants, and when she wants it.  She has a hard head and its not easy to change her mind or divert her attention.  Each morning, Alice wakes up and walks to her closet, saying "I choose....."  She loves to pick out clothes, and 90% of the time she chooses a dress.  She has a pink dress that she calls her "princess dress" and she would wear it every day if we let her.  Alice can be so snuggly when she wants to be.  She loves to give "a lub and a kiss" every time someone leaves the house.  She is always asking people if they are ok, and if you are feeling sad or under the weather, she will loan you her Flopsy-which she is still TOTALLY attached to.

Alice is a great eater, I am hoping it sticks!  She loves fruit, most veggies, chicken, rice, turkey, noodles, etc.  She will pretty much eat anything.  Her favorite snack is yogurt with granola-or "O-duht" as she calls it.  She likes to color and do stickers.  Her favorite color is pink and she gravitates towards everything pink.  She loves her baby doll, and loves to change her outfit, feed her bottles, and put her to bed.  She is still obsessed with baby animals.  In fact, she calls everything "baby"-baby kitty, baby book, baby pink, baby noodles, etc.  She still loves cats, and for her birthday party, we chose a kitty theme.

Alice is a smart girl and is talking like crazy.  She says everything, and talks in full sentences.  I love her little voice and don't like to correct her when she says words wrong because its so adorable.  So I don't :)  Some of my favorite things she says right now are "so tute!" (so cute) "Carolion" (her baby cousin Caroline, who is she obsessed with), "Wivy" (her aunt and cousin Olivia), "you can't catch me!" and many more I can't think of!

We love our little 2 year old so much.  She's darling, fun, challenging, rewarding, and so lovable.  She makes us all so very happy!!

Happy Birthday Alice!!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

He's 3!

In April our little, 5 lb 15 oz baby boy turned 3 years old!  We celebrated with a "blue elephant party"-  Oliver's request.  It was so fun to celebrate with friends and family.  Oliver was spoiled rotten and loved everything.  He is always asking if its his birthday now :)

At 3 years old Oliver talks basically like an adult.  He has quite the vocabulary and he learns more every day.  He is a smarty.  He loves to learn, and just finished his first year at preschool.  We both already miss it!  He did so well in preschool, and made lots of friends and loved his teachers.  Oli loves singing and listening to music.  At his end of year program he knew all the words to the songs and sang them loud and proud.

Oli is a bit of a struggle when it comes to eating.  He is a total snacker-he loves to snack and not eat meals.  Oliver also has a HUGE obsession with candy, doughnuts, cake, cookies, etc.  He seriously thinks about those things all the time-kinda like his mama. It makes for good bribes to get him to eat though!

Oliver loves life.  Its hard choose just a few things he loves because he truly loves everything.   Playing outside could be his favorite.  It doesn't matter what he is doing, he just loves to be outside and explore.  He loves to play in water and sand, and loves making messes.  Pretty much anything that can be ripped, snapped, crushed, etc., he will do it.  He likes riding his bike and scooter, and loves playing on the "turny slide" at Laird Park.  He is very interested in animals and bugs.  Lately he has loved building tracks and playing with his trains.

Oliver is a pretty cautious little guy.  Although he loves exploring and is happy to be in his own world, he really needs his mama to be close by.  He is getting a lot better about being brave and venturing out on his own though.  I love that he loves and needs me though!  

Oli is such a good big brother to Alice.  He is pretty good at sharing and always tries to cheer her up when she is upset.  They can make each other laugh harder than anyone else can-its one of my favorite things about this stage in their lives.  They are becoming best buddies, it makes me happy.

Oliver-we love you so much.  You mean the world to me and dad.  We have loved raising you these last three years and can't wait for the many years to come.  I am honored to be your mama, and so excited to continue to experience the world through your eyes.  I love you SO much little man.  



Monday, March 10, 2014

A Year and a Half

Our baby girl is 18 months old- time flies, and I have been horrible at documenting lately! Alice is such a sweetie and has changed so much since she turned 1.  She is a sweet little girl, she likes to cuddle and be held, but is also so independent. She demands to do most things by herself- like eating and walking (not much hand holding for her).  She loves to sing- her favorites right now are, of course, Let It Go from Frozen, Roar, and any primary song. She makes up songs too, which I love!  She also loves to dance and has some funny dance moves. She is much more wild and active than Oliver was at this age and has more of   hard head as well.  If she doesn't get her way she throws her body to the ground and screams.  It's pretty funny but we need to start working on that one.

Alice says so many words, but some frequent ones are drink (bink), mommy, daddy,  oli, nana, eat, out, up, dog, meow, owl (elephant-not sure how that happened!), balloon (boon), hold me, fish, and many more.  She likes to tease, and knows just how to push her brothers buttons. She will steal his blanket, and lay on top of it so he can't get it, all the while he is screaming and watching helplessly. Haha!  Despite her feisty side, she is so so sweet and loves to give loves and make people happy.

Alice loves cats. So much that I thought about getting one-(and later laughed at the idea, thankfully). She loves to say meow and loves anything cat. Her and her dad saw a cat on a walk once and since then she is always looking out the window for cats or calling for them on our walks.  She loves all animals, especially cute, small, baby type animals.  It's adorable.  She is so attached to her bunny Flopsy. It goes everywhere with us and it's a disaster if we forget her.  We have multiple Flopsies just incase one gets lost, because she will not sleep without it.

Alice is a little thing. She had her check up today and weighs 21 lbs (10th percentile) and is 30.5" tall (6th percentile).  She loves to eat and will try anything and likes pretty much everything she has tried.   She loves berries, cheese, olives, bananas, yogurt, corn, peas, chicken, rice, and beans, but pretty much loves all food. Her favorite is probably Mexican food- she eats chips,salsa, and guacamole by the fist full.

We love Alice so much and are so grateful to have her in our family. She has a big heart and loves her family and extended families so much. She is easy going, despite her strong will, and is usually content to just hang out.

Happy 18 months baby girl- you are the best!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Europe 2013-Rome

We were so lucky to be able to travel to Europe this year with the Taylor family.  It was amazing and I find myself wishing I were there again all the time.  We left our babies with my family for 12 days-it was stressful and hard to leave them but I was so happy they'd be with my Mom, Dad, and siblings the whole time. I have so many pictures so I thought I would break up the posts and do one for each city.

We started out our trip in Rome, Italy.  I loved Rome!  It was fun because in some places it had a big, hustle bustle city feel and in other places it was quiet and charming.  We had some of our best Italian food in Rome as well.  We saw SO much-seriously there is something ancient and amazing around every corner.  My favorite thing about Rome was our bike tour, we were able to see some beautiful things and awesome views that were not touristy at all.  Plus-riding bikes around the hills and cobble stones was so much fun!  I also loved the Bernini sculptures we saw at the Borghese Gallery.

After 3 days in Rome, we were off to Florence!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

She's One!

Our baby girl is one year old!  Its hard to believe-its been the fastest year of my life.  
We threw a Mad Hatter party for our little Alice's 1st birthday.  So many people contributed with food, gifts, and decorations, and we are grateful that Alice is so loved.

Here is Alice's First Year video.  We are so happy this fun little thing is in our lives, and grateful for this video to remember her first year! 

Thanks to Sam & Chas Kelly for the first 6 months of footage, and for the great idea of filming Alice on our bright yellow couch each month!

To watch Oliver's first year video, click here.